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190 Amp Yanmar kits

240 Amp kit for Yanmar

330 Amp kit for Yanmar

190 Amp Yanmar belt kit

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump- Amazing flow

Inexpencive three step regulator

Marine books by
Scott Fratcher

Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

ElectroMaax battery chargers

Fast charge rates

Inexpencive universial regulators


Fast charge solutions for Yanmar diesel engines
"Living on a boat does not mean living without"

New- Design upgrades makes our super tough second alternator mounts twice as strong for the same low price of $599USD

"...ingenious Yanmar second alternator mount..."
"I would recommend the system to every Beneteau cruiser over other charging systems. I love it..."
Ross Blackman
CEO Team New Zealand and Beneteau 43 owner


Check out our new Yanmar 4JH4-TE/HTE/DTE mounts along with our Yanmar 4JH4 mounts
Fits most Beneteau yachts and many others. Click on photo for more information.

Coming soon JH3 mounts-Order now

Download our free catalog for a full selection-click here

Latest titles by Scott Fratcher...

. .


Same great books with new covers for New Zealand



March-September 07 Team Yachtwork crew for Earthrace

Earthrace - First Time Around is a chronicle by master storyteller Scott Fratcher.

A humorous tale of pain, suffering, loss, misery, fortitude and the ability of the crew to gruel along, leg after horrendous leg.

Scott Fratcher was ground team Chief Engineer for the 2007 record attempt. Allison Thompson was Logistics Coordinator


Technical and operational manuals written for your vessel

Itís common to find owners ready to upgrade the vesselís crew, but the thought of having a new crew learn the boat may seem daunting. With a complete operators manual changing crew can be as simple as calling the crew agency and handing them a manual.

So make your life easier and know you have the information at your fingertips. You'll wonder how you lived without them!


Delivery crew

We have over 30 successful deliveries to our credit. Allison has her USCG 100T license and an RYA Yachtmaster. We are accepted by most major insurance companies. Scott was a senior technician for Yanmar New Zealand, a marine engineer and holds a RYA Yachtmaster.

Read our resume's: Scott Fratcher - Marine Engineer and Allison Thompson - 100T Captain & RYA Yachtmaster

Mechanically challenged vessels considered. With our repair and engineering skills we can arrive on the boat and immediately begin, repairing the vessel. We then deliver your yacht where you want it.


Super yacht crew

We also work on large super yachts. Click on the photo to read about some interesting jobs we have been involved in.

Complete 10 day engine change

We have perfected the fast, tow in, motor out engine change. The whole week is scheduled out and normally, if we start on Monday morning, by Friday we are sea trialing.

Electrical upgrades and power routing

Scott is very experienced at upgrading a boat's electrical systems. He can rewire a panel or the whole boat.  With many successful boats to his credit he has built a solid reputation.


Dual high output alternator mount fabrication

200+ amps for that fast charge feeling!

We have installed over 100 high output alternator systems over the last 17 years.




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