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190 Amp Yanmar kits

240 Amp kit for Yanmar

330 Amp kit for Yanmar

190 Amp Yanmar belt kit

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump- Amazing flow

Inexpencive three step regulator

Marine books by
Scott Fratcher

Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

ElectroMaax battery chargers

Fast charge rates

Inexpencive universial regulators


Professional delivery crew

We have over 30 successful deliveries to our credit between Alaska and Ecuador. Allison has her USCG 100T license and an RYA Yachtmaster 200 Ton-sail/power/ocean/commercial . We are accepted by most major insurance companies. Scott is a marine engineer highly respected in the field and holds a RYA Yachtmaster 200 Ton-sail/power/ocean/commercial.

Included in the boats we have delivered:

  • Catana 582 New Zealand.
  • Earthrace (World Record Holder) around Baltic
  • Feadship DVC Florida, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama
  • 42ft Sirens Song. Balboa, Panama-Costa Rica. No Engine.
  • 45ft Colin Archer, " Windseeker" from San Carlos Mexico to San Francisco.11 days.
  • Cabo San Lucas to the docks in Seattle was completed in just under 13 days on a 42ft steel hull with 75 hp diesel.
  • Costa Rica to Acapulco in 11 days on a Hans Christian, Christine, "Sandy Lee".
  • La Paz Mexico to San Diego was completed in 6.5 days on a Crealock 36, "Windfall".
  • Over ten deliveries in Alaska including a 42ft motor sailor from Seattle to Glacier Bay in 10 days.
  • Seattle to Ketchikan in 6 days.
  • We also moved the high speed catamaran Executive Explorer from Seattle to Juneau Alaska in 70 hours. We ended up working on this 3000hp catamaran for five years and over 100,000 miles with Scott as Chief Engineer and Allison Thompson as Chief Mate.
  • The big monohull Wilderness Explorer was moved from Seattle to Ketchikan in four days.



  • We have accumulated over 200,000 sea miles each.
  • Mechanically challenged vessels considered.

With our repair and engineering skills we can arrive, fix what is wrong and deliver your yacht to any location you desire.

A prime example of this was when we were called to pick up a vessel located in San Carlos, Mexico. The boat was hauled and almost every system on vessel was inoperable. The fuel system had been removed and the engine was being fed from a 5 gallon outboard tank. The Radar had been removed years earlier along with every other piece of electric gear on the boat. The prop was missing, the rigging was cracked, the water system had been removed. The new auto pilot was in a box and waiting to be installed. The bottom needed paint, the decks needed some type of non-skid, and this is just what comes to mind. Scott and Allison took 20 days to install all the parts and pieces and make the vessel sea worthy again.

After twenty days of preparation we took just three days to get the boat to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. From there we were able to make good time and in just 11 total days we arrived in San Francisco just past midnight on a clear moon filled night. The final two days the boat logged back to back days of 178 and 182 miles. Both records for that vessel. The owner and his wife drove to the Golden Gate and watched us come enter the bay in their new home. They moved onboard and have lived happily aboard ever since.

I point this delivery out as it was a special case. The boat needed extensive work before we could leave, and then it needed a competent crew to deliver the boat up the coast in it's still uninsured condition. Team Yachtwork was able to handle all aspects of this project.


We charge for all deliveries by the day. For this reason we feel we must keep the boats moving to make this an economical venture for the owner.

Our normal daily rate for a 10 hour port day or a 12 hour sea day is $250 USD per day each. If you hire us as a couple we work for $450 USD a day. We offer discounts for contracts over 30 days.



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