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Yanmar 3JH4. 4JH4, 3HJ3, 4JH3, & 3GM30 Serpentine Conversion Kit

This serpentine pulley and belt conversion kit is designed to fit the *Yanmar 3JH4, 4JH4 3JH3, 4JH3 & 3GM30 marine engines*, using our "Aquamaax"line of Saddle Mount alternators 80amp thru 190amp.

Boat owners are now no longer limited to upgrading their old alternator to a 100amp alternator on a single V pulley with this kit you can now increase the output up to 190amps if required.

Electromaax's serpentine conversion kits are designed and manufactured to replaces the conventional narrow single-V belt with a serpentine 10-rib belt, increasing performance and reducing vibration.


Yanmar Serpentine Conversion Kit Features:

  • Wide serpentine 10-rib belt – Smooth (large improvement over dual V-belt, including reduced harmonic vibration), better traction for improved output and less tension required.
  • Anodized 6061 machined aluminum parts, providing exact fit and tolerances – corrosion prevention and lightweight.
  • High grade steel (grade 8 and class 10.9) nuts, bolts, plated for corrosion prevention


We fit most production boats

Beneteau 43 use a JH4 reverse mount with a large frame Delco
Beneteau 47 and Beneteau 50 alternator upgrade use a JH4-TE reverse mount with a large frame Delco
Hanse yachts use an pulley kit
Hanse yachts with a YM30 use a pulley kit, or a YM30 second alternator kit.
Jeanneau yachts tend to use a reverse mount to the Yanmar engine, but can also use a pulley kit
Norsman 447 use a 4JH4-TE reverse kit
Lagoon and other cats use a forward facing kit

Email with your boat's details for more information



*May fit other Yanmar engines Please contact us For More Information

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