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190 Amp Yanmar kits

240 Amp kit for Yanmar

330 Amp kit for Yanmar

190 Amp Yanmar belt kit

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump- Amazing flow

Inexpencive three step regulator

Marine books by
Scott Fratcher

Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

ElectroMaax battery chargers

Fast charge rates

Inexpencive universial regulators


“Smartmaax” The Worlds Simplest Smart Regulator

The SMR-12 “Smartmaax” UNIVERSAL regulator will run the entire Electromaax range of marine high output alternators as well as the majority of other marine alternators.

The SMR-12 “Smartmaax Regulator” is built for the boater with high capacity marine battery banks, who needs to control their high amperage alternator output with sophisticated voltage control. The results are simple efficient care free charging.

The Electromaax internal regulator is designed to work in conjunction with the SMR-12 “Smartmaax Regulator”, if the SMR-12 fails the Electromaax internal regulator will act as an independent back up regulator.



We fit most production boats

Beneteau 43 use a JH4 reverse mount with a large frame Delco
Beneteau 47 and Beneteau 50 alternator upgrade use a JH4-TE reverse mount with a large frame Delco
Hanse yachts use an pulley kit
Hanse yachts with a YM30 use a pulley kit, or a YM30 second alternator kit.
Jeanneau yachts tend to use a reverse mount to the Yanmar engine, but can also use a pulley kit
Norsman 447 use a 4JH4-TE reverse kit
Lagoon and other cats use a forward facing kit


Email with your boat's details for more information


Need a well thought out economical three step regulator? Check out the Electro Maax regulator here.


Want more amperage? Limited space? Check out our Yachtwork line of second alternator kits here.


Tight on space? Can only fit one alternator but still want the big amperage? Try one of our Electro Maax pulley kits here.





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