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Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

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Fast Flow Emergency Bilge Pump

"Life Insurance for Your Boat"

Prop shaft driven emergency bilge pump


Propeller pump - The shaft driven emergency bilge pump

"The air bag of boating"

Discover one of the most important innovations in boat safety in recent history with the Fast Flow Emergency Bilge Pump. Not to be confused with, not meant to replace a conventional bilge pump, our revolutionary safety pump is nothing short of a "life and property" saving device.

New Technology for Boating Safety - High Flow Rates

Though simple in design, Fast Flow emergency bilge pump combines versatile capabilities with comparable power and dependability. With its split impeller & split case design, the pump easily attaches directly to the propeller shaft, utilizing the power of your engine's drive system.

As long as the shaft is turning, your bilge pump is working.


Bilge blower / Emergency bilge pump

Designed to run dry continuously the Fast Flow Emergency pump serves as a high volume air blower adding safety by removing heat and fumes from the engine compartment. When an accidental flooding occurs, the pump begins immediately to remove the excess water. Our patented "double suction" centrifugal pump will self prime and remove large amounts of water.

Not just another electric bilge pump!


Easy to Install

Available in various sizes to fit most vessels and propeller shafts. The revolutionary Fast Flow emergency bilge pump arrives with bushing to fit shaft sizes from 1" on up.

When running in dry mode, the Fast Flow pump works as a high-volume bower, ventilating heat and fumes from the engine room. In the event there is a large ingress of water from say a collision, a rust hole opening, or a sprung plank the Fast Flow emergency bilge pump is already spinning and pumping begins immediately.

The prop shaft driven emergency bilge pump can easily remove vast quantity of water that a standard bilge pump simply can't.

For example, if there is a 4" hole in a vessel 2 feet below the water line, it will flood in at a rate of approximately sixteen thousand gallons/hour. That is almost three hundred 55 gallon drums of water per hour!

A small hole like this can sink a vessel in a matter of minutes. The smallest Fast Flow pump will pump 24,000 gallons/hour at 2,000 rpm.

"The propeller pump the world has been waiting for"


Security for your family

Being able to clear such a huge quantity of water can provide the utmost peace of mind for your crew and family. In the unlikely event the the need should arise, our emergency bilge pump could save your boat - and save your crew.

Simply put, FAST FLOW can move more water out of a sinking boat faster than any other bilge pump made today!

Low Maintenance

Available in sizes to fit most vessels, the Fast Flow emergency bilge pump can be installed without removing the propeller shaft. Our emergency bilge pump has a split impeller and case design that is easy to install. The Fast Flow emergency bilge pump is relatively maintenance free.


Just like a foolproof automatic bilge pump - only better!

Our emergency propeller driven bilge pump contains no-

  • mechanical seals,
  • bearings,
  • wear plates,
  • gaskets,
  • gears,
  • belts,
  • valves,
  • filters,
  • switches,
  • rubber impellers,
  • or electrical parts!!


The world's best emergency boat bilge pump



The Fast Flow emergency bilge pump is 100% frictionless and maintenance-free. The impeller has no contact with the housing.

This pump designed to bolt directly to the propeller shaft, eliminating the need for an additional power source. It makes sense to harness the tremendous power of the drive system during an emergency event.

The Fast Flow is 100% frictionless and maintenance free.


Always running. Always ready.

Unlike most pumps, the Fast Flow is designed to run dry continuously and will pump in forward or reverse.


"The Air Bag of Boating"

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fast Flow offers limited lifetime warranty with a free replacement pump. In addition, some marine insurance companies even offer discounts for vessels with an emergency bilge pump

There is no other pump on the market like the Fast Flow emergency bilge pump.

See what all the buzz is about!

Contact Us for more information and a demonstration video on the remarkable abilities of our Fast Flow emergency bilge pump today!


"Perfect Pump for Perfect Storm"

Patent protected

Fast Flow is a new kind of submersible pump and unique annular inlet pump is considered new technology. Fast Flow Pumps are covered by our U.S. Patent No. 6,942,448, with other US patents pending approval, European Union patent applications, and protected internationally under the PCT.


The Fast Flow propeller driven emergency bilge pump might just save your boat and save your life.


We are standing by ready to take your order and ship Contact us now.

01 415 287 3483

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Fast Flow Emergency Bilge Pump

Basic Fast Flow Emergency Bilge Pump Kit

$599USD plus shipping


Fast flow pump installed.

Always ready - Alwasy pumping

Pump arrives in parts for easy install. No need to remove the prop shaft

Prop shaft bilge pump installed and ready for use

Impeller blades split in two for easy install and come in various sized to meet every boat's needs

Pump is ready for installation.

This is a safe boat with the Fast Flow propeller driven bilge pump

Example of a propeller driven Fast Flow bilge pump in operation

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump in position ready to save the day


Basic Fast Flow Emergency Bilge Pump Kit

$599USD plus shipping


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