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Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

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Operational manuals written for super yachts

Itís common to find owners ready to upgrade the vesselís crew, but the thought of having a new crew learn the boat may seem daunting. With a complete operators manual changing crew can be as simple as calling the crew agency and handing them a manual.

So make your life easier and know you have the information at your fingertips.

Team Yachtwork can come to your vessel and prepare:

  • Vessel technical/operating manuals
  • Equipment manuals
  • Staff schedules and routines
  • Galley recipes
  • Mechanical identification chart
  • Owner/guest preferences

Advantages to having a complete operators manual are many:

  • Newly crewed yachts can be given a head start on the boat operation
  • Sudden crew changes are less traumatic
  • Tour boats give a better show
  • Newly constructed vessels have less teething problems
  • Vessels for sale have a higher value
  • Newly purchased vessels spend less time in port
  • Docking maneuvers are smoother
  • Emergencies have plans for action

New construction is another area that can benefit from complete vessel manuals. A well-placed set of instructions can set the vessel tone for years to come. A standard of maintenance, care and quality can be described and codified. All future crews simply follow the instructions, maintenance schedule, and crew responsibilities. For the builder a complete operators manual can mean an enhanced reputation, less teething problems, callbacks, or complaints.

Not only do we provide an operators manual for the vessel we also identify every piece of equipment, electronics, tankage, and valveing. This can be a huge advantage when trouble shooting. How often do you hear someone open a cabinet full of electrical boxes and say ďwow, how long is this going to take to figure out?Ē With our manuals itís simply a matter of opening the book and identifying the components.

The manual can also include safety procedures. Every emergency from Man Overboard to Fires can be laid out crewmember by crewmember. Itís much easier to train for emergencies once everyone knows what he or she is supposed do. Knowing who takes care of the guests, who makes the emergency calls, and who launches the lifeboat can make the difference between life and death.

Yachtwork can also describe specifically every typical docking maneuver. For captains new to a vessel it can help to have a list a maneuvers describing how the vessel will normally react. Walking sideways, backing straight, or using prop walk can all be easily taught to new helmsmen when the tactics are clearly laid out on paper. Laminated flash cards can be near the helm for last minute references before docking. A pre-docking checklist for tired crew can save costly paint scrapes. This is common for airline pilots, and can be a simple safety precaution for yacht travel.

Yachts being sold can also benefit from a complete, up to date, operatorís manual. For a new owner a complete list of instructions on every daily activity of the vessel use can be a huge advantage. Costly mistakes are minimized, and the value of the vessel is increased.

Charter boats often find crew changes to be costly. A new crew often lowers the quality of service given to visitors. With a complete step by step instruction book new crew can often give a first class show to valued guests.

In the manual we are currently building for the Feadship DVC we are including an emergency step-by-step instructions for a single passenger to bring the boat back to port. This could be important if a small crew were to find themselves suddenly ill. For a single untrained passenger it would be comforting to have a step-by-step checklist to follow.

Team Yachtwork is committed until at least April 2007. Please email for prices and scheduling.

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