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Scott Fratcher

Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

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Scott Fratcher - Marine Engineer/Captain

Box 147373, Ponsonby Auckland, New Zealand

I have extensive experience troubleshooting, designing, engineering and installing systems on the small sailing yacht and over 100,000 miles in the midrange (30-50 meter) vessels. My wife and I sailed our steel gaff ketch to New Zealand from Ecuador in 2004.

I have a strong reputation in the field and have worked mainly through word of mouth. Twenty years on the ocean has taught what works.

Marine qualifications and experience

RYA Yachtmaster-200 Ton Sail/Power/Ocean/Commercial

Marine Engineer
MEC3 (Similar to Y-3) STCW iii/3
200,000 sea miles over the last 20 years, mostly serving as Chief Engineer on vessels in the 50ft-110ft range.

Electrical Diagnostician
I have been employed by Yanmar Engineering Services in New Zealand where I was a Senior Technician.  I routinely worked remotely on Kohler/Yanmar Generators. 
2005-Completed and passed (with a 99.5%) the training for a New Zealand ESTA1 Electrician at Matuhrangi Technical Institute. 

I bring to the job many specialty diagnostic tools that make me very efficient. These tools include a Fluke 87, a Fluke 36 AC/DC clamp amp, a hand held laser temp, and an MFJ 257B Antenna Analyzer. I know most high output alternators and regulators by heart including the Balmar, Ample Power, Powerline, Link 10/E-Meter, BEP and the Safe-T-Plus systems. I can typically find most long-term installation faults in just minutes. I have a very high success rate increasing the output of installations to the manufacturers designed specifications. 

Dual Alternator/PTO System
I have designed, built and installed over 100 dual alternator systems. I was involved in the pioneering of this industry in the mid 1980's. I am currently designing PTO systems for Yanmar New Zealand and Yachtwork where we produce boxed kits sold around the world. 

Diesel Engine Change
I designed a "Ten Day Diesel Engine Change" for the small yacht. (My personal record is 3 days, and my longest time to sea trial is eight days). This system is a fast and efficient method to remove the old engine, rebuild the engine rails, and then install the new engine. 

Electrical Panel Builder
I have extensive experience building and “Cleaning Up” electrical panels. I use a heat shrink labeling system so others can follow my work easily and efficiently.

I have written four books in the marine field, (see and have a monthly column in Tradeaboat of New Zealand. My works have been carried in The Titian, Discovery Turbo, Pacific Yachting, and many web sites.


Work history

2009 Captain Catana 582 "Mariah." Sailed from New Zealand to Tahiti, and Tuamotu's for a series of fly fishing expeditions. Returned to Tonga for cyclone season. Responsibilities include all regular skipper/engineer duties and marketing boat for charter. Built web site, the highest traffic site in Tonga.

2008 Auckland, New Zealand - Completing marine engineer MEC3 (iii/3) courses. Also completed Yachtmaster Ocean and STCW95.

2007 Chief Engineer Earthrace. Served as the Chief Engineer for the round the world speedboat record attempt. My duties included fund raising, leading the ground crew, and all engineering aspects regarding the 1080 hp carbon fiber wave piercing hull. We set 13 fastest times during the race and visited over a dozen countries. I "hands on" oversaw the after race repairs and skippered Earthrace through the Baltic for three months until the project owner could return. Earthrace current holds the round the world speedboat record.

2006  Chief Engineer, Feadship De Vrouwe Christina.  This classic 83ft Feadship was built in 1957 and completely restored in 2004.  This unique 95 ton  vessel has a steel riveted hull, wooden cabin sides, and plywood over steel decks.  This combination allows me to study metal corrosion in detail.  The DVC is maintained in pristine condition at all times.   DVC is powered by two Perkins Sabers 265TI diesel engines.  Two Kohler 35kw gensets provide the electrical power and a full hydraulic system controls the steering, thrusters, and windlass system.  The boat also contains a complete Micad system.  Responsible for maintaining all electrical/mechanical devices onboard.

2005-2006  Senior Technician Yanmar Engineering Services, Auckland, New Zealand.  My duties include onsite installation and approval of all electrical work run through Yanmar Engineering Services (New Zealand’s leading Yanmar dealer and directly linked to the Yanmar/Kohler importer) I also design, build and install Yanmar approved PTO mounts. I left this job after one year New Zealand work visa expired.

1999-2004 Owner/Operator Diesel and Electrical services. specialized in maintaining the cruising sailboat in the field.  We worked between Mexico and Ecuador servicing yachts from a cruising boat.  Scott Fratcher has made hundreds of expert repairs in remote locations and written two books about this working adventure.   

1995-1999 Glacier Bay Tours and Cruises, Juneau Alaska/ Seattle Wash.
Chief Engineer/Assistant Port Engineer Bay Tours and Cruises

Chief Engineer aboard the Alaska based company flag ship Executive Explorer. The EEX is a 104ft aluminum high speed catamaran, with 2- MTU 396 1500hp main engines.  My responsibilities included all mechanical systems on the boat, maintenance schedules, 14 HVAC units, 25 state rooms, 2-200kw gensets, ordering and tracing all parts, supervision of Assistant Engineers, and running the stern deck for all docking maneuvers. Had an incredible three seasons running without a single down day due to mechanical failures.  

Assistant Port Engineer in Seattle during the off season.  My duties included project manager and field supervision of all engineers and assistant engineers, upgrading the five company cruise ships, ordering and installation of parts, writing engineering manuals for boats in the fleet.

While Engineer in Glacier Bay Alaska my responsibilities included four day boats, an 89ft Aluminum 220 passenger high speed catamaran, 20 vehicles and 7 engineers. 


Native English. Spanish, both culturally and linguistically.


I have over twenty five letters of recommendation available on request.


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