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190 Amp Yanmar kits

240 Amp kit for Yanmar

330 Amp kit for Yanmar

190 Amp Yanmar belt kit

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump- Amazing flow

Inexpencive three step regulator

Marine books by
Scott Fratcher

Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

ElectroMaax battery chargers

Fast charge rates

Inexpencive universial regulators



New-Our Yanmar JH5 Kits are ready for shipping!

$599USD for any JH4 2nd marine alternator kit!

New-Yachtwork and ElectroMaax have joined forces to bring you more choices in size, amps, alternators, price and most important ability to fit even more engine spaces.

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"...ingenious Yanmar second alternator mount..."

"I would recommend the system to every Beneteau cruiser over other charging systems. I love it..."
Ross Blackman
CEO Team New Zealand and Beneteau 43 owner

Download JH4 Instruction Pack-Click Here

Note- The prices in the 2009 catalog have changed due to the exchange rate, but the high quality kits are still the same.


Yachtwork is the world's leader in forward or reverse facing large frame alternator mounts that direct couple to Yanmar engines.

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Our Yachtwork kits arrive standard with a double groove, 1/2" V belt power power pulley, for ease of maintenance, compatibility, world wide simple replacement, and reduced side load.

Serpentine belts increase crankshaft side load and are generally not used by Yanmar, but available on request. See note at end of page.

All Yachtwork mounts accept the J180 standard alternator. The J180 is the worlds most popular alternator mount and in use on every type of heavy equipment, large engine, road truck, and even the 95 series Balmar 210 amp alternator. To you this means an inexpensive alternator is available ANYWHERE in the world.

All our mounts are made from steel. Steel is used by EVERY major engine manufacturer to build alternator mounts for two reasons-

  • Steel has vibration resistance that provide years of trouble free service.
  • Steel matches the engine’s galvanic voltage potential, thus preventing rust. Have you ever noticed how stainless steel makes steel rust? That is because they are disimiler metals and should not be mixed in a marine enviorment.

Our kits have been proven in the field for over 20 years.

We produce brackets for most boat types including Catamarans, Beneteau, engines under stairs, or wherever you have extra space.

Our marine alternator kits fit the Beneteau series of yachts and were built specifically fit the new Oceanis 43, 46 and 50.

We sell mounts that couple the new 4JH4 Yanmar to the 165 amp, Delco large frame, or the Balmar marine alternator.  We designed this elegent mount for Yanmar New Zealand.  It fits the Beneteau 43 perfectly.  It is now one of our best selling mounts producing a combined steady 245 amps to charge marine marine batteries.  We even just built one for the CEO of Team New Zealand.

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Our customers rave about this high quality product. It ends the issue of charging marine batteries

"I would recommend the system to every Beneteau cruiser over other charging systems. I love it...
We use all the power we want including a 600w inverter for laptops, battery drill, camera etc and have never been below 700amps in marine batteries.

No doubt your kit was one of our best investments and the price was perfect at the time. Your kit and instructions were incredible..."

Ross Blackman
CEO Team New Zealand and Beneteau 43 owner

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Why so much power?

With today's high electrical usage in yachts, the ability to fast charge is now more important than ever. Many yachts have over a 600 amp hour battery capacity with 1200 amp hour not being uncommon. To charge a system that large the old single 80 amp marine alternator (that really puts out 70 amps) can take hours to charge.

The Dual Alternator option is the simple solution for the long range yacht. You recieve two direct advantages with separate marine alternator systems.

  • Charging time may be reduced by more than 80%.

  • Second, and maybe more important is the security in knowing if an alternator fails while underway you simply turn it off and ignore the problem. Meanwhile the seconded alternator keeps merrily charging the boats electrical system.

For example, I know of many boats that have overheated a single alternator while underway only to have the marine batteries slowly go dead, with the engine still running. The wind came up but the crew could not shut down the engine as they would not be able to restart with dead marine batteries. They were sailing at night making decisions weather to run the radar or the running lights.

If they had had a dual alternator system they would have simply noticed the problem, noted it in the log and dealt with it at their leisure.

Customer base for our high amperage kits include:
-Offshore cruising yachts
-Charter yachts such as the Moorings fleet
-Beneteau production yachts
-Marine electricians wishing for an easy method of driving a large frame alternator.
-Yachts with moderate electrical loads that do not wish to dedicate space, effort and spares to a genset.
-Large amp hour battery banks
-Yachts that wish to shut down the genset while using the main engine
-marine batteries such as AGM that can take high charge rates
-Split voltage charge systems IE 12/24 volt electrical systems
-Yachts with large inverter loads ie. washer/dryer
-Yachts that wish for a back up charge system for safety
-Yachts that wish to utilize short engine run times to quickly recharge marine batteries such as cruising boats that only run the engine when lifting anchor.
-Yachts with large electrically driven motors such as electric bow thrusters and electric anchor winches

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Remember- Well charged marine batteries keep your marine starer spinning like it should.

Three step economical sealed regulator from Electro Maax


Pulley kits to upgrade any Yanmar to 180 amps


Yachtwork second alternator kits available now


Engine model

Price breakthrough!
$750 for any mount with alternator!

New forward facing mount
ready for installation

Our newest mount from behind

Imagine 200+ amps

This mount is our latest
and greatest

Super durable, strong,
and simple

160 amp alternator, ready
to slide onto your engine
New JH4 forward mount

Same strong belt adjustment system

4JH4-HTE 160Amp

4JH4 145 amp

4JH4-HTE 160Amp
4JH4-HTE 160 amps

JH4160 amp Foward faceing mount

4JH4 145 amps

Our precision mount


Yanmar LH alternator mount


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