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190 Amp Yanmar kits

240 Amp kit for Yanmar

330 Amp kit for Yanmar

190 Amp Yanmar belt kit

Fast Flow emergency bilge pump- Amazing flow

Inexpencive three step regulator

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Fast Flow emergency bilge pumps

ElectroMaax battery chargers

Fast charge rates

Inexpencive universial regulators


Dual high output alternator mount fabrication and installation upgrades

"...ingenious Yanmar second alternator mount..."
"I would recommend the system to every Beneteau cruiser over other charging systems. I love it..."
Ross Blackman
CEO Team New Zealand and Beneteau 43 owner

>>200+ Amps for that fast charge feeling!

High output alternator mount package for mechanics, marine electricians and tradesmen

Yanmar 3JH4 ,4JH4, 4JH4-TE and the new 4JH4-HTE 110hp


These kits are designed for the yacht maintenance technician and marine electrician to simply and predictably increase the charge rate of the new Yanmar JH4 series of diesel engines on yachts.

This kit is specifically targeted to the yacht maintenance personal and marine electricians.

Customer base for our high amperage kits include:
-Offshore cruising yachts
-Charter yachts such as the Moorings fleet
-Beneteau production yachts
-Marine electricians wishing for an easy method of driving a large frame alternator.
-Yachts with moderate electrical loads that do not wish to dedicate space, effort and spares to a genset.
-Large amp hour battery banks
-Yachts that wish to shut down the genset while using the main engine
-Batteries such as AGM that can take high charge rates
-Split voltage charge systems IE 12/24 volt electrical systems
-Yachts with large inverter loads ie. washer/dryer
-Yachts that wish for a back up charge system for safety
-Yachts that wish to utilize short engine run times to quickly recharge batteries such as cruising boats that only run the engine when lifting anchor.
-Yachts with large electrically driven motors such as electric bow thrusters and electric anchor winches
Complete tradesman kit includes:
- Alternator arm bracket, 6mm laser cut design
-Bottom bracket with tension arm mount, 6mm custom
-Tensioning arm, special “jackscrew” type for easy adjustment
-Drive pulley, double A section, designed to easily bolt to existing Yanmar pulley
-Step by step photo enhanced instruction manual

This kit is marketed to the yacht mechanic and marine electrician wishing to increase his profit. The local tradesman can purchase the mount from Yachtwork and increase profit by charging separately for the installation, alternator, belts, spare belts and wiring installation. We supply a list of commonly used high output alternators, regulators and belt sizes.

Please specify model of JH4 Yanmar when ordering. Photos of the front of the engine are an advantage as we have high and low mounts to increase versatility.

Our customers rave about this high quality product. It ends the issue of charging batteries

"I would recommend the system to every Beneteau cruiser over other charging systems. I love it...
We use all the power we want including a 600w inverter for laptops, battery drill, camera etc and have never been below 700amps in batteries.
No doubt your kit was one of our best investments and the price was perfect at the time. Your kit and instructions were incredible..."

Ross Blackman
CEO Team New Zealand and Beneteau 43 owner

Examples of instalations on the JH4 series engines

4JH4-HTE 160 amps

4JH4-HTE 160 amps

4JH4-HTE 160 amps

4JH4-Beneteau 43-145 amps

4JH4-Beneteau 43-145 amps

4JH4-Beneteau 43-145 amps





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