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How to get your Marine Engineer’s MEC3 Certificate of Competency


How to pass your Marine Engineer Exam

By Scott Fratcher MEC3 / Yachtmaster Ocean

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"If your working toward a marine engineer's license or certificate of competency this is the book for you!"

"The best, most current information on passing your marine engineer exams"

A book specifically written to help you pass your marine engineers exam, and get your first job.

Good up to MEC3 or Y3.

Topics covered:

  • How to pass your exam without using algebra
  • Effective study techniques
  • Learning to competently use the scientific calculator
  • 1000 practice exam questions (largest list anywhere)
  • MEC3 marine engineer test questions
  • Y4 marine engineer test questions
  • Difference between a mec3 and a Y4 or Y3
  • Alternative methods to solve difficult exam question
  • Preparing for oral exams
  • Amassing needed sea time
  • Tackling phobias to pass the STCW training
  • Avoiding exam formula traps
  • Getting your first job and making the big bucks

And much, much more!

Scott Fratcher has 20 years marine experience, Certificate of competency marine engineer third class and Yachtmaster Ocean

Note-In the download version you can better read the sketches and formula sheets

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